Anouilh, Jean

Anouilh, Jean
   playwright, director, and producer
   one of the best-known French playwrights, at home and abroad, Jean Anouilh, noted for his provocative dramas, was born near bordeaux and spent most of his life immersed in the theater world of paris. After studying law and working briefly at an advertising agency, Anouilh, during the 1930s, began to write his first plays. His work reflects his sustained search for an explanation of the failure of idealism in the real world. Such plays (Le Voyageur sans bagages, 1937; Le Sauvage, 1938) seek their explanation in the nature of society. Anouilh termed them "Pieces noirs," describing their pessimistic tone. Other works, termed "Pieces roses" (Le Bal de voleurs, 1938; Le Rendez-Vous de Senlis, 1939; Léocadia, 1939) are more optimistic. He also wrote what he called "Pieces brillantes" (L'Invitation au château, 1947; Le Répétition ou l'Amour puni, 1950), or "Pieces grinçantes" (Pauvre Bitos, 1956), "Pieces costumes" (L'Alouette, 1953; Becket ou l'Honneur de Dieu, 1959; La Foire d'empoigne, 1962; Léonora, 1977), "Pieces secrètes" (L'Arrestation, 1975), and "Pieces farceuses" (Le Nombril, 1981). With Cher Antoine (1969) and Les Poissons rouges (1970), Anouilh seemed to have turned to a more autobiographical style. in other works (Medea, 1937; Eurydice, 1942; Antigone, 1942), he sought explanation for human failures in Greek mythology. Antigone is considered one of his masterpieces. Anouilh is known as a consummate master of the well-made play.

France. A reference guide from Renaissance to the Present . 1884.

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